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Leaders, investor clash over entertainment club existence


Likoni residents have issued authorities a 7-day ultimatum to shut down an entertainment club in the area.

The residents led by Bofu Ward MCA Ahmed Salama want the local authorities to close down Bidi Badu bar and restaurant for condoning same-gender sex as well as attracting young girls into prostitution.

According to Salama, the investor is taking advantage of the community’s poverty levels in the area luring them into commercial sex activities.

He said Bidi Badu bar and restaurant once operated at two different points in Ukunda area within Kwale county but it was shut over the same allegations.

“Our children have become sex workers while our boys turned to gays following the activities in these surroundings,” said Mr. Salama.

His sentiments were backed by his Shika Adabu MCA Mwalimu Mughisho who claimed the entertainment club has posed a major threat to the lives of locals.

However, the young investor Hashim Omar has threatened to sue the local leaders for tarnishing his name and that of his business.

Omar said he moved the club to Mombasa County following a dwindling business environment in Ukunda as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“However, since my infrastructure remains intact in Ukunda I will reopen my business when the Covid-19 situation calms down,” He said.

Omar accused the two leaders of fighting him politically saying he has been operating in a transparent manner for years.

“I have never engaged in any illegal activities, neither did I lure young men into gaysm or attracted girls into prostitution,” said Omar.

Early Sunday two factions, the one opposing and those supporting the entertainment joint clashed during a protest along the Shelly Beach road to Likoni Police headquarters urging police to shut down the entertainment joint.

“As a matter of fact I have worked closely with the youth around Shelly Beach and actually employed some,” revealed Mr. Omar.

Police are yet to give any verdict over the conflicting factions over the Bidi Badu entertainment club existence, in Likoni.