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Legalise marijuana to kill youth, says youth leader

[Mvita youth Leader Hussein Mohammed famously known as Amadoh. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Kibra Member of Parliament Ken Okoth’s recent motion to ligalise Marijuana in the country is purely a misinformed move, a youth leaders has said.

Mvita youth leader Hussein Mohammed has vehemently opposed a motion by Kibra Member of Parliament Ken Okoth to ligalise Marijuana in the country, saying that the move is aiming and distabilising the youth in the country.

Mohammed famously known as Amadoh said that such a youthful leader should think of a better motion that will enable youth focus better in their lives and not tabling such meaningless motion.

Mohammed reiterated the sorry state youth are already facing by indulging in abusing drugs and decriminalising marijuana will only worsen the situation.

Speaking at Majengo in Mombasa on Monday, Mohammed said that legalising bhang will add up to totally nothing to the youth but killing them ‘softly’.

He said that decriminalising bhang will only act as stepping stone to hard drugs among the youth and urged legislatures to thrash the bill once it is tabled in the parliament.

“I wonder are these the youthful leaders whom we exuded hope that they will uplift the living standards of their peers?” he posed.

He said that such leaders should in fact not be voted back to parliament if they are out of ideas to shelve the youth from dangers of abusing drugs.

“Can anyone show me a youth who has benefitted from using bhang? Using bhang has only led to unproductive useless young generation especially in Mombasa, the parliament should not waste time in debating such useless motion,” added Mr. Mohammed.

On his four argument points Mr. Okoth says if the bill sails through it will provide a platform for farming of bhang, decriminalizing and giving amnesty to people imprisoned for using cannabis sativa, a research will be done to define medicinal value of the plant as well as trading and proper regulation of bhang in the country.

However, Amadoh has thwarted the arguments saying that the bill if passed into law will have a serious detrimental impact to the youth in the country.