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Let’s detter from controversy on Eid-ul-fitri prayers

[Muslim cleric Sheikh Abu Qattada. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

As the Holy month of Ramadan heads to the end, Muslims have been urged to avoid controversies over the specific day of marking Eid-ul-fitri prayers.

Over the years Eid-ul-fitri prayers have been marred by serious exchange with a section of Muslim faithful deferring with the Chief Kadh Sheikh Ahmed Shariff Muhdhar on  when should be the exact day to mark the end of The holy month.

However, Sheikh Muhdhar has in the past detter himself in any exchange over the right day of marking Eid-ul-fitri prayers.

Eid-ul-fitri prayers pegged on Islamic teachings

While speaking at the Ibrahim mosque at Ganjoni, Mombasa Sheikh Abu Qattada said specific day to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan was an issue linked to religious basics and might not be solved any time soon.

Sheikh Qattada revealed that religious basics and Islamic teachings involve a lot of scholarly issues that may not rhyme with all the Muslims especially when matters about in depth Islamic knowledge are required.

He urged Muslims to mark the end of the holy month without engaging each other in bitter exchange that may underrate all the good deeds they indulged throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

“We have been engaging in good and acceptable deeds before Allah (God) throughout the holy month, please let’s not water down every positive step we took,” he urged the faithfuls

Muslims urged to embrace coexistence after Ramadan

He also appealed to the faithful to extend brotherhood, unity, coexistence and peace in the community.

“Some of us will be following sighting of the moon internationally while some will locally observe the whole process, there is totally nothing wrong about it,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the Muslim cleric has urged Muslim faithful to engage in good deeds and help the needy in the society.

He said helping the needy is a blessing from God and Muslims should embrace it.

Muslims are expected to mark Eid-ul-fitri prayers after sighting of the moon.

The special prayers are expected to be held either on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the sighting of the moon and an announcement from the Chief Kadh.

Muslims across the world will be marking the end of 30 days of fasting as a critical pillar in the Islamic faith.