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Let’s give space for ‘handshake’ implementation-youth Leader

[Stretchers Youth Organisation Executive director Dickson Okong'o. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Politicians should give space for a proper implementation of the Building Bridges Initiative-BBI and discard referendum debate a youth leader has said.

Kenyans have been further asked to deter from divisive referendum debate and take their constitutional responsibilities seriously so that the country develops economically.

Stretchers Youth Organisation Executive director Dickson Okong’o said that the BBI famously known as ‘Handshake’ has important components that if well articulated and implemented can unite and lead the nation to prosperity.

Speaking at Changamwe in Mombasa on Tuesday, Mr. Okong’o said referendum debate has overtaken the important program that President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga signed propagating for nationhood.

Okong’o said most Kenyans do not understand their responsibilities as stipulated in the constitution thus the heated referendum dialogue was at the moment unnecessary.

He said the country needed well focused political leaders who will unite Kenyans and tackle graft that has denied them proper government services.

“Some of the issues incorporated in the BBI are ethnic antagonism, corruption, divisive politics, devolution, safety and security which are all important for the well being of Kenyans if conclusively tackled,” he said.

He added “Shared prosperity, responsibilities and rights are inevitable and well stipulated in the signed deal, both politicians and Kenyans should give space for the joint committee to implement this initiative,”

Okong’o revealed that the current referendum debated has yielded strong divisive politics making Kenyans ignore the important ‘handshake’ initiative.

“Why are we battling an ‘empty sack’ when we have a well designed program that if well implemented can change the face of the country? We should back it, we are the beneficiaries,” he noted.

The Ambassador Martin Kimani and Paul Mwangi BBI program though yet to be implemented has been overridden by the referendum debate that seems to have politically divided Kenyans who now focus more on 2022 general election.