Home News Likoni village elders flee after exposing drug barons

Likoni village elders flee after exposing drug barons

[Mombasa County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Some village elders in Likoni, Mombasa County have been forced to go to exile after being threatened by people believed to be drug barons in the area.

The village elders were on Monday last week ordered by Mombasa County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo to reveal all the names of drug barons and those recruiting the youth to join criminal gangs.

Kitiyo had given the community leaders four days to actually arrest and hand over the barons to the police.

Kitiyo further ordered the village elders to also net minors and any other youth entangled in criminal activities so that they are punished.

“If we tell the police to pursue these gangs we will take long in reaching them since all these people are well known by the village elders and the local community,” Said Mr. Kitiyo.

During the security forum held at the Shika Adabu area on Monday last week, the County Commissioner breathed fire saying Likoni Sub-county must be secured.

“We will deal with all the drug barons and criminal gangs decisively,” He said.

According to Kitiyo, drug trafficking has led to increased insecurity in Likoni, a situation that must, by all means, be tamed.

He said the drug barons are well known but locals have chosen to remain mum.

However, the village elders have expressed fears after one of them was recently executed in cold blood.

Speaking during the security forum at the Shika Adabu area the village elders reiterated that the naming and shaming exercise was a matter of life and death.

They reported that immediately after they gave out the names of the barons they started receiving threats.

“We were forced to run into hiding since none of the police bosses in Likoni came to our rescue,” said one of the village elders.

The situation to date remains volatile.