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Looming demonstrations, picketing over MP’s salary increment

[Haki Africa Executive director Hussein Khalid. Photo/ Ahmed Omar].

Rights defenders at the Coast will unite with colleagues across the country in protesting against the sh. 250,000 MP’s house allowances.

Led by Human rights lobby Haki Africa, the defenders, activists and locals in Mombasa termed the Members of parliaments as inhuman and who care less about the high cost of living Kenyans are currently going through.

While addressing journalists at Haki Africa offices in Mombasa on Friday, the organisation’s Executive director Hussein Khalid said Thursday’s decisions by over 300 legislatures to ‘punish’ the Salaries and remunerations commission-SRC for contesting the increment in court was uncalled for.

Mr. Khalid said the MP’s were ‘heartless’ and that Kenyans should do everything possible to object the push for the implementation of the hefty allowances.

Kenyans MP highly paid on international grid

“Our leaders have shown their greediness without caring about what Kenyans are going through, these leaders are already overpaid when comparing them with the rest of the world,” noted Mr. Khalid.

He assured SRC of fully backing from human rights defenders and Kenyans countrywide.

“By threatening SRC, our leaders depict their greediness, we will protest the move and picket at the National assembly buildings if the MPs make good their threats,” he added.

MP’s threatening the media

He also rubbished the political leader’s threat that they will no longer work with journalists in imparting information to the public since the media has negatively portrayed their efforts to get the Sh. 250,000 house allowances.

“We are also tired of seeing them on national televisions, let them remain in parliament and work, a leader should never threaten media which is the voice of the people,” revealed Mr. Khalid.

On his part, the organisations Rapid response Officer Mathias Hezron Shipetta urged the legislatures to consider the situations Kenyans are going through and stop pushing for hefty allowances.

“According to SRC these allowances are already included in their gross salaries why need more hefty allowances?” posed Shipetta.

On Thursday over 300 MP’S agreed to ‘punish’ the SRC by cutting its budget after the commission moved to court to oppose the sh. 250,000 house allowances for Members of parliament.