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Lungalunga border, a major human trafficking point-IOM

[IOM Programs manager Linda Kolla. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Lungalunga border point in Kwale County has been singled out as a major human trafficking point.

The International Organisation for Migration-IOM singled out the Lungalunga-Tanzania border as a major exit used by human traffickers to smoothly conduct their illegally trade.

IOM Programs manager Linda Kolla said that most of children, youth and women netted by traffickers pass through Lungalunga border to Tanzania and some end up in South Africa.

Kolla revealed that recent research by the Organisation revealed that locals at the Coats are lured that they would get employment opportunities abroad only to be enslaved.

He said that children were the most affected since it is not easy for them to detect or defend themselves from traffickers.

“However, youth and women fall prey because of the poverty levels in the region, if they are promised jobs they do not think twice but go,” revealed Ms. Kolla.

She said that despite having border control unit taking 24 hour charge, traffickers would still executive their illegal trade swiftly.

“We have realised that the same border point used for legal trade is also being used to executive other dangerous and inhumane treaties, both the central and the county government should work towards taming human trafficking at the border point,” added Ms. Kolla.

She also revealed that some of the locals directly fly to the Middle East while other across the Kiunga- Somali border in Lamu County.

Ms Kolla has appealed to locals at the Coast to verify international recruiting agencies so that they do not fall on their human trafficking trap.

She also called for an intensive and extensive awareness campaign to contain the illegally human trafficking trade in the country.