Home News Man attempts suicide at the Likoni ferry channel

Man attempts suicide at the Likoni ferry channel

[Divers and security agents rescues a Man at the Likoni fery channel. Photo/courtesy].

A man has been rescued at the busy Likoni ferry channel after he tossed himself into the Indian Ocean.

According to eye witnesses who were on board the MV- Kwale that was crossing to the Island from Likoni mainland south, the man did not show any signs of confusion.

However, at the middle of the Indian oceans he jumped off the ferry and plunged into the Indian Ocean.

Divers on patrol rescued the man in him mid 40’s and handed him to the police on guard.

According to locals, the man has been complaining of hard life after he lost his job due to the coronavirus pandemic and cannot fend for his family.

He was later taken to the Coast general hospital for urgent treatment.

He will be arraigned in court after completion of investigations.