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Man causes drama in Shanzu courtroom

[Frustrated Mr Gordon Teti (Right) lecturing court orderlies in Senior Principal Magistrate Florence Macharia courtroom where he had stormed to seek audience. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

A Mombasa man has caused drama in Shanzu court citing frustrations from court staff and orderlies.

Gordon Teti disrupted court proceedings saying his attempt to collect typed court proceedings were being frustrated by unscrupulous staff.

After failing to get the court documents from Shanzu court registry where he had been camping for a week, Gordon stormed Shanzu Senior Principal Magistrate Florence Macharia to seek an audience but unfortunately she was not inside the court which was packed to the brim.

Inside the court, two police officers pounced on him in efforts to arrest him but to their surprise he started lecturing them.

Teti then would start lecturing the court on how he has been frustrated by the judicial officers in Shanzu court, he accused them of soliciting bribes and being laxity, while attending the members of public who are seeking services.

False accusation

Gordon says, his tribulations with court began in 2019 when he was charged with traffic offence after he allegedly declined to give bribe to traffic police officers who stopped him in Mitamboni area of Bamburi in Mombasa.

“I was stopped on November, 12, 2019 by traffic police officer who demanded bribes but when I refused to cooperate they detained me and my vehicle and dragged me to court” he said.

He said he was booked at the Bamburi police station and dragged to court the following day on tramped up traffic charges leading to a three year battle in the corridors of justice.

Teti said he needs the typed court proceedings to enable him file for malicious prosecution claim at the high court after his road traffic offence case was dismissed last week by Shanzu Senior Principal Magistrate David Odhiambo.

He said he was being deliberately frustrated to ensure that he does not get the typed court proceedings within two weeks after which he would be time barred to press for charges at the Mombasa high court.

He said unscrupulous court workers were out to pervert the course of justice but added that his search for justice over false traffic charges would not be dampened.

Court orderlies had to intervene to calm the distraught man and walk him out of the courtroom which was on a standstill to allow the proceedings to resume, where the Shanzu Senior Principal Magistrate was called back after court normalcy was restored.