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Man fires gunshots after bursting wife with secret lover

[A pistol photo].

An angry Kilifi Man shot several times in the air after pouncing his wife having sex with her secret lover in a car.

The incident happened at Tamaduni Gardens bar and restaurant in Kilifi town, Kilifi County on Saturday evening.

The 47-year-old man has been suspecting his wife to be engaging in extramarital affairs with other men and he launched his own investigations against her.

The man according to police reports from the Mtwapa police station, trailed his 29-year-old wife from Mtwapa to Utamaduni gardens in Kilifi town.

The man found his wife having sex right inside a car with her secret lover, an ‘experienced and tactical’ young man.

On spotting the husband who was breathing fire at that time, the young man jumped out of the vehicle and ran very fast, police could only compare him with a cheetah.

“The man shot in the air several times scaring the public with locals scampering for safety too,” said the DCI.

Despite all the gunshots, the young man who had the guts to suck all the honey from a rich man’s ‘beehive’ could not be netted leaving the angry and ‘hungry’ man cluelessly shooting recklessly in the air.

Police immediately moved to the scene and disarmed the now sweating man.

Police said the man will remain under police custody until Monday when he will be arraigned in court for misusing his Cesca firearm.

“The man threatened to shoot members of the public and caused a lot of panic and fear, he will be arraigned in court,” read the DCI report.

Police have confiscated the firearm from the man until the charges levelled against him are heard and determined by the court.