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Man killed for stealing from a church

[Crime scene].

A middle aged man was on Saturday morning stoned and burnt to death after he was caught stealing curtains in a church at Malindi, Kilifi County.

Malindi police Boss John Kemboi said the deceased William Juma, 54 was spotted at around 6 am stealing the curtains from Joy Revival Ministry Church in Maweni, Sabasaba area within Malindi.

Kemboi said after the church security guard spotted the man, he started chasing him attracting passerby attention.

“Angry locals stoned the man and later used tires and petrol and they burnt him,” said Mr Kemboi.


The police Boss said after interrogating the locals within Maweni area, they angrily said Juma was a well known thief in the area and they actually dismissed the police efforts to unleash what could have actually lead to his death.

However, Kemboi warned locals against taking such inhuman actions against suspects urging them to report such incidents to the police for lawful procedures.

“These locals have all the rights to arrest any culprit and hand them over to the police for legal procedures but not executing them,” he said.

Juma’s body, who was burnt beyond recognition has been taken to the Malindi sub county hospital as police carry on with investigations.