Home News Man swallows condom to conceal ‘evidence’

Man swallows condom to conceal ‘evidence’


A Man in Embu County swallowed his own sperms after he was court in the act with his 10 year old daughter.

The Man, 50 is said to have locked jis daughter in the house and neighbours were suspicious about the act.

On peeping through the window they saw the man right in the act with his 10 year old girl.

“We forced our way into the house and caught the man completely naked defiling the minor, ” said one of the neighbours.

They revealed that on seeing the situation was becoming delicate, the man swallowed the condom with the sperms to conceal evidence.

He was saved by the police after a thorough beating from locals who also attempted to burn him.

“We will take him to court after we complete our investigations,” revealed Embu West police boss Samuel Gitau.

The girl has been taken by the Embu children’s department.