Home News Manda residents live in fear over increased snake bites

Manda residents live in fear over increased snake bites


Manda Island residents in Lamu county are living in fear following increased snake bites incident in the Island.

According to the residents, it has become a major challenge considering that there are no mitigation measures to save lives.

Manda Island locals led by Fahim Omar said it has proved futile for them to seek urgent medical attention since the only available dispensary lacks specialised treatment for snake bites.

Omar said the situation has been worsened by lack of speed boats located in the area to serve as ambulances incase of any health emergencies.

“We are not only discussing about snake bites but also other formes of ailments that require urgent medical attention,” he said.

He called on the Lamu County government to consider such complaints and ensure locals get fully medical attention incase of any emergencies.

His sentiments were fully backed by Lamu West Lawmaker Stanley Muthama.

Muthama said the situation has sent locals into panic.

He said the situation is not only being witnessed in Manda Island but various parts of Lamu County.

“The County government and specifically the health department has no alternative but to equip Lamu hospitals and dispensaries with the relevant medicines so as to save lives,” said Mr. Muthama.

He said locals should relentlessly fight for proper medical services following such worrying scenarios.

He said various cases of people being bitten by snakes have reported at least daily without any proper remedies.

Muthama said locals fear carrying on with their daily activities whether cultivating their land, sourcing for firewood or engaging in other daily activities following the dangers posed by snakes.