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Many muslims support BBI says Sheikh Juma Ngao

[KEMNAC Chairperson Sheikh Juma Ngao. Photo. Bakari Ali].

Kenya Muslims Advisory Council – KEMNAC has said that a bigger percentage of Muslims countrywide are backing the Building Bridges Initiative.

KEMNAC Chairperson Sheikh Juma Ngao said many Muslims especially in the Coast region have embraced the Constitution amendment through BBI.

He said BBI has considered many things among them national unity, land rights, increased representation and more resources to be distributed to the grassroots level.

He said muslims have realised that BBI remains critical in solving many problems among Kenyans urging the faithful to support the initiative.

“Very few Muslims are against the BBI and we call on them to join us in ensuring this critical document sails through,” he said.

Recently, the Muslim cleric launched the Muslims for BBI Network where Muslims supporting the initiative began creating awareness to locals across the country about BBI.

According to Sheikh Ngao, other Muslim organisations opposing the initiative were given money by some politicians who are as well opposing the BBI initiative.

“Why insulting us for supporting BBI? You should start insulting people like Garissa Senator Yusuf Hajj who despite being a Muslim chaired the BBI Committee,” noted Sheikh Ngao.

He cautioned Muslims against being incited by politicians, saying BBI should not divide but instead unite Kenyans.

“Let’s not fight even before we read and understand the content of the initiative,” he said.

However, a section of Mombasa Muslims have urged the faithful to remain focused since Sheikh Ngao does not represent the views and opinions of all Muslims.

The BBI has seen major political divide with those opposing the initiative saying BBI has no urgency compared to the currently disintegrated health sector.

Politicians allied to Deputy President William Ruto are opposite BBI initiative saying only the country’s health sector and economy should be the government’s priority.