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MCK defends Citizen TV journalist against victimisation

[Citizen TV investigative journalist Purity Mwambia. Photo/courtesy].

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has strongly defended Citizen TV investigative journalist Purity Mwambia over her investigative pieces Virus safaris and Virusi safarini aired on Citizen Television.

MCK has cautioned Kenyans against victimising the outstanding investigative journalist urging them to channel their grievances to the public media regulatory body so that they are looked into.

In a statement to newsrooms on Tuesday the council said Ms Mwambia is their member and she adhered to all journalism ethics before filing her investigative pieces.

According to the public media regulatory body, the packaged stories aired of 21st June and 5th July this year in both Citizen nipashe and 9 pm prime news did not breach any journalism ethics and were mainly to inform what was happening in the transport sector.

The council revealed that Mwambia is already going through cyber bullying on her social media handles over the two investigative pieces she pursued.

Distinguished career

The experienced journalist has worked for KTN, K24 before landing at the Royal Media Service owned Citizen TV.

Ms Mwambia has been on the spotlight over her investigative stories Virus safaris and Virusi safarini.

In the investigative story, Ms Mwambia is exposing the rot in the traffic police system where despite Nairobi being under lock down by then, transporters were conducting their activities freely by properly networking with police officers manning the inspection points.

Kenyans bashed Mwambia terming her as the cause of tough rules imposed by the government to Kenyans restricting them from moving to upcountry.

It is through such situation when perceived human decency clash with journalism that the MCK aims at containing.