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Media fraternity mourns multi-talented TV Personality Badi Muhsin


The media fraternity in Kenya is mourning celebrated multi-talented Swahili news anchor Badi Muhsin.

Muhsin took his last bow at his home in Mombasa on Friday afternoon.

According to the family, Muhsin aged, 67 had his lunch and later complained of feeling unwell and went to his room to take a nap, not to wake up again.

The veteran, most accomplished Swahili News anchor joined the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) in 1980 and retired in 2002.

However, he resurfaced at the National broadcaster KBC Channel 1 in the year 2020.

He has graced Kenyans living rooms in decades with his well-articulated Swahili words, adlibbing in his style that kept Kenyans glued to their screens.

The talented, down to earth and ever-smiling Muhsin poured his heart on TV and will be missed by many.

He has nurtured young talents and guiding them through their journalism career.

Muhsin hosted the Dira ya Dunia Swahili news bulletin that aired on KBC Channel 1 at prime time over the weekend.

“Discipline and willing to learn is what has been keeping me in the limelight, I learn from the old and experienced and young journalists as well in my daily life,” he once revealed.

Muhsin, was in 2011 awarded the Order of the Grand Warrior by the former president Mwai Kibaki for his long-serving career as a top renowned media personality in the country.

Born in Kitui and a firstborn in a family of eight children, Muhsin nurtured his journalism career right in school.

He was the husband to Khadija Mahrus and a father to Jamal and Jamil.

He is a renowned public speaker who graced various occasions both formal and informal.

In the year, 2020, the KBC Channel 1 Swahili  News Anchor underwent surgery to remove stones in his kidney.

According to his family, on Thursday, Muhsin conducted special prayers at the former KTN Leo Swahili News Anchor the late Ahmed Darwesh’s grave in Mombasa.

[The late Veteran KBC Channel 1 Swahili News Anchor Badi Muhsin at the late former KTN Leo Swahili News Anchor Ahmed Darwesh’s grave. Photo/courtesy].

The Media Council of Kenya led the media fraternity countrywide in mourning the fallen, talented, humble, hardworking, religious and most outstanding and commanding KBC TV Swahili News Anchor.

His body has been flown to Nairobi and will be interred at the Kariakor Muslim cemetery after the 4 pm prayers at the Rahma Biafra mosque in Nairobi, according to his family.