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Military uniform found in a vessel at Mombasa port

[The military gear found at the Mombasa port. Photo/Haramo Ali].

Police at the Coast are pursuing the owner of military wear found inside a vessel at the port of Mombasa.

According to the Coast Regional Police Commander Manase Musyoka, the military uniforms were found by a cleaner who upon closely checking them found they were not normal clothes he would sell or use in his garbage collection activities in Changamwe, but instead were bullet proof military gear.

Though police did not reveal the identity of neither the person nor the vessel’s origin country, they lauded the individual for involving the security agencies upon seeing the military wear.

“We have in our possession, 14 bullet proof jackets and 17 bullet proof helmets, these are normally used in specialized operations,” said Coast Mr. Manase Musyoka.

Community policing

Musyoka revealed that it is through the close working relations between the security agencies and the community that led to such recovery.

“These military or paramilitary uniforms are extremely expensive, however we are still pursuing more details on how and why they made their way into the country through the Mombasa port,” he further revealed.

Musyoka noted that following diplomatic ties with various countries police will not disclose the origin of the vessel since it will temper with the ongoing investigations.

Multi-agency investigations

While addressing journalists at the Changamwe police station on Saturday, Musyoka further noted that various security agencies are involved in the investigations to unleash the owner of the military gear.

He appealed for even more closer ties between the police and community so that security in the entire Coast region can be improved.

Musyoka said the community can be very effective in combating insecurity only if it is fully involved in all the aspects of revealing critical information to the police.

“These military gear normally used for specialised operations will remain under our custody until this issue is fully investigated to the end,” Mr Musyoka further revealed.

He said the military equipment normally is stored in police amouries and not just  in any other police station.