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MOA suspend new fares

[Matatu Owners Association Coast Region Coordinator Salim Mbarack Salim. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

The Matatu Owners Association Coast chapter has suspended its new announced fares after National Assembly intervention on Wednesday.

The MOA Coast region coordinator Salim Mbarack Salim said that the National Assembly move of extending the oil 16 percent VAT for two more years is a very considerate move and the transport organisation had no option but to discard all the new planned fares.

According to Mbarack, the Matatu Owners Association Coast region was only intending to implement the new fares if the 16 percent taxation on imported crude oil was going to be effective as from 1st of September this year.

Mbarack said that no Matatu plying the Coast region will be allowed to overcharge passengers since the new fairs have been scrapped off.

“We promise Coastal people that if the government extend the waiver period on the crude oil imported in the country then we will abide by it, so all the new announced matatu and bus fares in the region are all discarded,” Mbarack assured Coastal residents.

He said that the two year period which will lapse on September 2020 will save locals from extra expenditure on transport.

“We want to assure our passengers that no matatu will hike fares and if any matatu operator attempts such offence let them kindly report to any police station so that the SACCO managers can take immediate actions against them,” he said.

The Matatu Owners Association Coast branch chapter had already announced Ksh. 400 from Mombasa to Malindi, Ksh. 150 from Likoni to Kwale, Ksh. 170 from Mombasa to Kaloleni among other news charges within Mombasa Island and inter -county routes.