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MOA to hike fares from 1st September

[Coast region MOA Coordinator Salim Mbarack Salim during the media briefing. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Passengers at the Coast should brace themselves for tough times ahead after the Matatu Owners Association Coast region chapter announced new fares from Saturday this week.

Matatu Owners Association Coast region Coordinator Salim Mbarack Salim said that the move follows 16 percent tax imposed on crude oil imported into the country.

Mbarack said that the fuel levy is so high and Matatu owners cannot manage the situation without additional charges to enable them meet their daily operations.

Mbarack noted that all the SACCOS have been notified of the same and an in depth discussion held concerning the new rates.

“We have added Ksh. 10 on the normal Matatu fares within Mombasa County, but outside Mombasa we have imposed an extra Ksh. 50,” noted Mr. Mbarack.

The move loosely translates to Ksh. 40 from Mwembe tayari to Tudor from the normal Ksh. 30, Ksh. 150 from Likoni to Kwale up from Ksh. 100.

The Coast region MOA Coordinator said that all the stake holders have been informed about the move including the Coast regional traffic commandant Emmanuel Okanda and the Mombasa Inspectorate Department.

“However if the government drops the imposed fuel levy from 1st September the MOA will also discard the new intended fares,” noted Mr. Mbarack.

Mbarack said that all the matatus plying Mombasa and other Coast region roads will have a display of all the routes and new fares on both sides.

Mbarack however appealed to passengers to report any matatu operator who will add more charges than the agreed rates.

The move comes after the lapse of a five year waiver of fuel levy by the government.

The government exempted taxation to all imported crude oil for three years and later extended the period for two more years that lapse on the 31st of August, thus paving way for a 16% VAT that becomes effective from 1st September this year.