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Mokowe residents get boreholes from charity group


Mokowe residents in Lamu county have benefited from two water boreholes from a well wisher.

The two water boreholes were dug and constructed by the Al Sharjaa Charity organisation from the United Arab Emirates Aid.

The project was made successful with the partnership of the Al Sharjaa Charity and former Lamu Governor Issa Timamy.

Speaking on behalf of the Mokowe community, human rights activist and youth leader Yunus Is’hakia said despite the fast growth of Mokowe community, the water scarcity in the area remain the same.

He said the county government has badly failed in ensuring Lamu residents access to clean and adequate water.

“The population in Mokowe is increasing at fast speed but there is a scarcity of all the social amenities in the area,” said Mr Is’hakia.

He said it is a shame for the county government to leave the fastest growing Mokowe town in such pathetic situation yet it harbours all the administrative offices including the Lamu county headquarters.

“The government has totally ignored the basic components of development including social and basic requirements like water,” He further added

Is’hakia thanked the Al Sharjaa Charity organisation, further challenging the county government to work towards ensuring uninterrupted adequate water supply for all Lamu residents.

The Lamu county population is said to have hit over 200, 000 people following the operations of Lamu port.

The multi-billion LAPSSET project was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta in May, 2021.