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Mombasa based community group drums up support for BBI

[Tend Luo patron Nicholas Otieno addressing the press. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Tend Luo, a community based organisation in Mombasa is going round the Coastal city to popularise the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) constitutional amendment, 2020 after it got a near unanimous thumbs up from the County assemblies countrywide.

The group’s patron Nicholas Otieno says they will be going round all the Mombasa six sub counties to ensure residents understand the BBI document well.

Otieno said BBI will ensure more resources trickle down from the national government to the 47 devolved units in the country.

He said the BBI report seeks to ensure greater inclusivity, fairness, equity and accountability in the allocation and distribution of national resources across the 47 counties.

He said many youth will engage in meaningful economic activities due to the increase in the county allocations and exemption of businesses taxes.

Otieno who was speaking to the press after opening a BBI coordination office and distributed a simplified version of the BBI document in Mikindani ward, Mombasa urged residents to support the constitutional document in the June referendum.


He said BBI will in the long run promote devolution, increase money to the counties and increase communal inclusivity.

Tend Luo Chairperson Jakonea Obado said BBI will deliver Kenyans from the chains of marginalisation and herald meaningful development through enhanced resource allocation.

He said BBI seeks to increase money sent to the counties from the current 15 per cent to 35 per cent which will see the devolved units realise meaningful development at the grassroots.

Obado said the document acts as a remedy to the historical, political, social and economic injustices that have faced Kenyans for generations.

Mary Mumbe, a grassroots women leader said BBI advocates for inclusivity and representation of marginalised groups especially women and youth through leadership positions.

She said the BBI process will in the long run entrench gender equality in the country hence ensure more women in political leadership.