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Mombasa bloggers equipped to tackle drug related articles

[RCT Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman. Photo/Haramo Ali].

Bloggers from Mombasa County have benefitted from health training to enable them to tackle drug-related news articles in their sites.

Anti-drug organization Reachout Centre Trust said the bloggers whether journalists or people interested in the information the public are very critical considering the fact that youth visit their sites to get information.

RCT Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said if the bloggers are well equipped with relevant information on drug use and mitigation measures they will squarely inform their audience on such information, thus increasing public awareness and engagement on drugs.

He said since the menace has affected the Coastal youth, bloggers can be instrumental to reach out to the youth with information to deter them from using drugs, seek psycho-social support and guidance so as to disentangle themselves from the menace.

Public awareness

“These engagements will increase public knowledge and awareness on drug use among the youth, they are the most affected,” noted Mr Taib.

According to Taib, the organization fully recognise media as a major working partner in its daily efforts to ensure the community understand the harmful effects of drug use, HIV and AIDS.

“We have been continuously engaging journalists in informing the community on our roles towards reducing the harmful effects of drug and HIV and AIDS, health interventions, community engagement, and awareness, however, bloggers have turned out to be very instrumental in this discourse,” he noted.

Taib acknowledged efforts implemented by journalists and bloggers too in ensuring the community they serve and especially the youth understand more about health issues.

The anti-drug activist appealed to bloggers in the county to include health issues in their sites and always engage the community on how they can get involved in fighting drug menace in the region.

The anti-drug organization also conducts HIV prevention program in Voi, Taita taveta County.

Bloggers from Jambonewsnetwork.com, Machampali.com, Mwalily Exclusive, the Coast newspaper, Ommydallah.com among others participated.