Home News Mombasa County bans livestock in the CBD

Mombasa County bans livestock in the CBD

[Goats crossing the road along Mwembe tayari areas within Mombasa CBD. Photo/Courtesy-PHD]

Mombasa county government has banned livestock in the Central Business District.

Department of public health Chief officer Aisha Abubakar said that goats and other livestock loitering in the CBD were a nuisance to motorists and pedestrians.

She said that it was against the County laws for livestock to move around the CBD and warned that owners will be arrested and prosecuted.

Aisha revealed that goats and other animals were urinating and defecating on pavements that are meant for pedestrians saying the awful smelly streets were annoying to locals and business owners.

She further said that some locals were keeping livestock in residential areas and engaging in unhygienic and undesignated slaughtering activities.

“This trend poses health hazards to locals who consume uninspected meat, it should immediately cease or else we will institute legal proceedings against the owners,” she said.

Aisha singled out Majengo, Tudor, Bondeni and Mwembe tayari areas as the most affected where locals keep livestock in their houses.

She said the livestock were in fact unaccompanied by anyone and are left loitering in the CBD causing snarl-ups and disturbance to locals.

She warned locals against keeping livestock in residential areas or in the CBD as it was against the County laws.