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Mombasa County Gov’t urged to ban Miraa

[Photo of Khat (Miraa)].

Changamwe Member of Parliament Omar Mwinyi has called on the County government of Mombasa to regulate the rampant sale, handling and consumption of khat, locally known as miraa, as a measure to contain the rampant abuse of the twig stimulant among the teens in Mombasa County

Speaking to the parents in his constituency during the disbursement of 6.2 million education bursary the legislature claimed that another stimulant popularly known as ‘muguka’ had widely affected the lives of the youth in Mombasa curtailing their education  and should be banned.

He decried mushrooming of Miraa dens within the county, making it affordable to the school going children causing them to abuse it and miss out on attending classes as required.

Mwinyi said Miraa consumption is causing broken marriages as women have raised concerns over denial of conjugal rights by their partners who have been rendered impotent due to extensive use of the substances.

[Changamwe MP Omar Mwinyi. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The Legislature said high consumption of miraa among the youthful men is affecting their sexual performance and they are forced to use drug enhancers like Viagra and Target bullet in order to rise to the occasion.

The MP is now calling Mombasa County Health department to ban the sale and use of the twig stimulant within the County.