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Mombasa extreme makeover, Joho’s legacy?

[Some of the Mombasa buildings painted blue and white as ordered by the Mombasa County government. Photo-/Hussein Mdune]

The recent constructions works and revamping of Mombasa County has drawn everyone’s attention, with commercial building owner’s within the island working round the clock to paint their properties white and blue colors.

In an order from the Mombasa County government that lapsed, owners were ordered to repaint the buildings within the island so as to reclaim the face of the tourist’s destination.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho said that those who will ignore the order of repainting their building with the Ethiopian ancient colors of white and blue will be arrested and charged.

He said that most of the buildings look old and that they should be painted in uniform colors to look attractive.

“Please take this order seriously because some of you will end up in court if you ignore it, we need uniform colors of white and blue on all buildings within Mombasa island,” said Joho.

The County has also been revamping most corridors and within the island with maroon tiles, a construction work that is still ongoing.

[The recent installed maroon tiles along Moi avenue in Mombasa Island. Photo/ Hussein Mdune]. 

The County government also ordered provision of standard waste bins for all business premises.

The waste bins should be suitable with handlers, a close fitting water, fly proof lid and green in color.

Meanwhile an executive order has been issued to every shop owner to fit two 9 watts LED bulk head lumps.

For the last two weeks, County officials from the environment and the infrastructure departments have been inspecting the ongoing repainting and construction works in all areas within the Island.

Already some of the owners of the commercial buildings who are yet to comply with the three executive orders were warned that they risk arrest.

However, no extra time was given for them to comply as all the specified time for the implementation of the orders lapsed in June.