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Mombasa MCA’s, Executive wrangles will not uplift our lives- Youth


Mombasa youth activists have criticised the County assembly and the Executive for engaging in political battles instead of serving locals.

The youth leaders said Mombasa dwellers have expressed their dissatisfaction in the manner the local leaders are conducting their daily activities completely failing the locals residents.

Led by Tononoka youth leader Ibrahim Jey, the youth called for a truce between a section of Members of the County Assembly and the County Chief Ali Hassan Joho so that development trickles down to locals in the county.

According to Mr. Jey, though the youthful Mombasa MCA’s are fighting a noble course, discussing about impeachment motions sums to a waste of time.

“It is true that over 34 billion shillings the county has so far received should be accounted for, however this should be done in a proper way,” said Jey.

He urged the youthful leaders led by Freer town Ward representative Charles Kitula to make a truce with Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho so that they all focus on development.

“The two function should with adequate evidence state their claims and the Governor respond in details to the claims so that we end the wrangles and anxiety, further Mombasa residents don’t eat politics,” noted the youth leader.

He however noted that Mombasa county assembly need a fresh leadership that will focus more on the critical roles of the MCA’s of representation, legislation and oversight.

Jey expressed his concerns that nothing tangible has come out of the County Assembly with some Mombasa residents admitting that they do not know who their MCA’s are.

Already the youthful leaders demanding transparency from the Mombasa county government have moved to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission calling for investigation on embezzlement of County funds.