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Mombasa orphanages get reliefs

[Bohra Community Director Sheikh Zuulkar Jivanji serving food at Taabarak orphanage. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Well-wishers in Mombasa have come in aid of children’s orphanages that have been hit hard by food shortages as the Coronavirus pandemic spreads across.

Taabarak children’s home in Kisauni which houses 100 children’s is the latest children’s home to report food shortage with its directors saying despite food rationing where they jump at least a meal in a day children, the situation is still worsening.

Majority of the children are orphans whose parents died following the inter-clan clashes that hit Tana river county in 2012.

Bohra community members association has donated maize flour, cooking oil sanitizers and masks to the vulnerable children.

Through the organization’s Director Sheikh Zuulkar Jivanji, they intend to rescue the children at the time covid-19 has wreak havoc hence cutting their donors.


He said they have donated foodstuffs and other requirements to other 10 children’s homes in the county including Nyumba ya wazee, Mombasa children’s home in Kizingo, Mji wa salama among others.

“We as community feel the pain these vulnerable children are undergoing and there is urgent need to help them, that is why we have extended our hands and we will continue doing the same,” said Mr. Jivanji.

[Children at Taabarak orphanage in Kisauni eating food. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

He called other people of good will to come out and donate to save the lives of the vulnerable.

“It is necessary that at this time of Coronavirus we take care of the vulnerable in the society, we challenge other donors even if the economy has been affected,” he noted.


The children home Director Aisha Ramadhan said they were contemplating of shutting down the facility but they don’t know where to take the children.

She said they have been forced to ratio the meal given to each child so that they can sustain them which she noted the move will negatively impact the children.

“The disease has hindered access to donations, unlike the schools that were closed indefinitely here where can we take all this children, we are urgently calling on other well-wishers to come into our aid,” she said adding that other children from the neighboring have been trooping their facility to get food and that they can’t chase them away.