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Mombasa residents mourn Retired President Mwai Kibaki

[Mombasa Business Leader Imtiaz Sayani signing the condolence at the Uhuru na Kazi building in Mombasa. Photo/Ahmed Omar/April, 28, 2022].

Mombasa residents have joined other Kenyans in paying tribute to the retired President Stanley Emilio Mwai Kibaki who died aged 90 years old.

The residents who stared thronging Coast Regional headquarters office at Uhuru na Kazi building in Mombasa county to sign the condolence book described the country’s third president as a charismatic, diligent and a progressive leader.

The residents from all walks of life led by Imtiaz Sayani a Mombasa business leader and philanthropist, the Abagusii community Chairperson Dickson Kibagendi and Coast GEMA Community Chairman Chrispus Waithaka said the late Mwai Kibaki left a long-lasting legacy ranging from a new constitution, a revived economy, democracy and free primary education amongst other things.

They praised the late Kibaki saying he spearhead the economy of this country from the doldrums during the KANU (Kenya African National Union former ruling party) days where the economy had disintegrated.