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Mombasa security agencies warn politicians inciting locals

[Mombasa County Commissioner John Otieno. Photo/Ahmed Omar/May, 18, 2022].

Mombasa County Commissioner John Otieno has said Kisauni MP Ali Menza Mbogo is on their watch list for allegedly making inciting remarks.

Otieno said Mbogo made the remarks during the Wiper party meet-the-people tour in Mombasa last Friday led by the party leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

Speaking at his Uhuru na Kazi offices, Otieno said Mbogo’s remarks were going to spur the ‘Wabara’ (upcountry people) vs ‘Wanati’ (natives) debacle.

“We heard the statements from Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo, we are looking into the matter and will update you soon. This kind of discrimination is very dangerous,” said Otieno.

He said that security apparatus in the county are pursuing several other politicians for such remarks.

He asked politicians to tone down their rhetoric and play in accordance with the rules to enable the county have a peaceful county and approach the election as a peaceful community.

“We are following up the movement of each and every politician and the statements they make to ensure that peace prevails.”

He said those making inciting utterances will be summoned by the security team so that proper investigation is done.

He appealed to politicians to be considerate and very realistic knowing that the statements that they make might incite the public to violence

“We have listened to their statements and we put them on notice that the law will take its course,” he said.


Otieno also said they had received reports that there are politicians recruiting youth to form illegal criminal groups.

The intention he said was to terrorize locals during elections.

“We are not going to accept this, we will deal with them firmly to ensure we have peaceful elections,” he said.

[Mombasa Governor hopeful and Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo. Photo/File].

He said that Mombasa is a critical tourist and economic destination adding that without proper security measures they will scare away investors.


The issue of drug abuse has largely been attributed to youth unruliness making them more vulnerable to politicians during election time.

Otieno said that they had under cover teams working in drug prone areas to get information, saying they have created ‘Nyumba kumi’ clusters to get more information.