Home News Mombasa women rep. scoffed over branded relief pack

Mombasa women rep. scoffed over branded relief pack

[The relief pack from Mombasa Woman representative Asha Mohammed. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Mombasa women representative Asha Mohammed is at the receiving end after she branded her relief pack to the vulnerable families.

Ms Mohammed is targeting vulnerable families in Mombasa county with relief food to cushion them from the economic impact posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The relief pack is branded with her photo and labeled ‘Covid-19 awareness, Tano tena, Honourable Asha Mohammed for women rep. 2022.

Locals in Mombasa have gnashed the County Member of Parliament saying she is miss-advised.

Since the program is fully supported under the National government Affirmative action fund-NGAAF should never be used for political gains according to Mombasa dwellers.

Food politics

“It is not time for politics, if you have the bold heart to help the needy just go ahead and do it without necessarily asking for political returns,” posed a resident.

[Mombasa Women Representative Asha Hussein. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

The Women rep package has since been marred with controversy with Mohammed clashing with some members of the County assembly over the distribution of the pack.

However, the political leader has remained mum over the matter despite being crucified by a considerate number of Mombasa residents.

Her move is aimed at supplementing the Mombasa county government relief program spearheaded by Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho to cushion locals against the economic hardship triggered by Covid-19 pandemic.