Home News MONKEY BUSINESS! Man ejaculates at the Likoni ferry channel

MONKEY BUSINESS! Man ejaculates at the Likoni ferry channel

[A vessel operating at the Likoni ferry channel. Photo/Haramo Ali].

Police in Likoni are detaining a man for allegedly engaging in ‘Monkey business’ within a vessel at the busy Likoni channel.

According to police Ismail Khamis, was onboard one of the Likoni vessel heading to Likoni mainland from Mombasa Island on Wednesday evening.

Khamis, according to the police was attracted to a female who was wearing a very tight and short mini-skirt.

Quick and first

The middle aged man could not resist the temptations but pulled out his erected manhood and shamelessly ejaculated on the lady’s buttocks.

The lady screamed drawing attention from other passengers as the vessel was so congested.

Khamis was arrested by locals and handed to the security agents manning the channel.

Likoni Deputy Police Boss Jacktone Otieno confirmed the incident saying they will charge Khamis in court for engaging in indecency act in a public place.

Such incidents have been recurring at the Likoni ferry channel for years, a situation that has been ascribed to the congestion within the vessels.

Over 300,000 people and a total of 60,000 vehicles use the busy Likoni ferry channel daily.