Home News Motorists plying Mombasa-Malindi highway warned after 6 perish

Motorists plying Mombasa-Malindi highway warned after 6 perish

[A photo of the wreckage after a grisly accident that killed six along Mombasa-Malindi highway. Photo/Courtesy]

Motorists plying the Mombasa-Malindi highway have been warned over reckless driving after six passengers perished in a Thursday morning grisly road accident.

Kilifi Police Boss Fredrick Ochieng’ said that the highway has been experiencing reckless driving among motorists, posing great danger to passengers.

Ocheing’ said that it was evident the Mombasa bound passenger shuttle matatu  was over speeding that is why the driver could not escape hitting a stalled lorry at Shauri moyo area along the highway.

He said that such hasty driving has led to loss of lives along the highway and strict traffic rules will be fully implemented.

“All the black spots along the highway are known but public vehicle drivers keep on over speeding when approaching the dangerous areas, this calls for stringent measures to curtail the situation,” added Mr. Ochieng’.

He revealed that traffic officers will be randomly deployed in various areas of the highway to monitor the traffic flow and net all drivers flouting traffic rules, especially by over speeding.

During the early morning tragic accident, four passengers among them the driver and the Conductor died on the spot while to more others succumbed to injuries at a Malindi hospital.

Other eight passengers are nursing serious injuries at Tawfiq hospital in Malindi.

The bodies of those perished were taken to the County hospital morgue in Malindi, Kilifi County.