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Mpeketoni Magistrate concerned over increased sexual violence cases

[Mpeketoni Resident Magistrate Eugene Pascal Nabwana. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Over 45% of cases registered at the Mpeketoni law courts, in Lamu County revolves around sexual violence against children.

The children, according to the Magistrate are sexually molested and in most cases by people well known to them.

Mpeketoni Resident Magistrate Eugene Pascal Nabwana said the figures are very worrying and have prompted the Mpeketoni station administration to launch continuous sensitization forums to the communities in a bid to curb the discouraging situation.

Speaking at the Mpeketoni law courts Mr. Nabwana said the main objective of the forums is to mitigated the very disturbing situation among the communities so as to safeguard the interest of the women, children and other individuals within the society.

Dire situation

“Remember these are the only reported and presented before the court, can you imagine how many cases go unreported?” posed Honourable Nabwana.

He said apart from the surge in rape cases against the girl child, the boy child is also sodomized and in some unbelievable cases some even by their close relatives.

“It is in fact more disturbing when people known to be the custodians of the communities like religious leaders are also involved in such despicable, ” said the Judicial officer.

Daring perpetrators

He further revealed that the court has also registered at least two cases of mentally ill women who were raped.

“We concluded one of the cases and still pursuing the second one, this is extremely alarming,” noted Mr. Nabwana.

He cautioned the locals against solving sexual or gender based violence cases at home or under family set-up.

He said some people chose to protect the sex pets since they are family members, warning that such people will face the full wrath of the law.


Nabwana urged locals to report such incidents and other criminal cases to the police for legal actions.

He said Mpeketoni law courts that serves as far as Chakama and Witu areas has dedicated itself in fighting sexual, gender based and any other forms of violence happening in the community.

He also noted that the ongoing sensitization forums spearheaded by the court and other various partners are slowly changing the script.

“Let’s all be well informed that there is no space for sexual, gender based or any other form of violence against women, children or any other person within our own society,” noted Mr. Nabwana.