Home News Mpeketoni residents urged to battle sexual abuse against children

Mpeketoni residents urged to battle sexual abuse against children


Mpeketoni residents in Lamu West, Lamu County are challenged to join the fight against sexual violence meted on children.

The residents have been further urged to fully participate in fighting Gender Based Violence in the area.

This calls come in the wake of increased defilement cases against children as well as rape cases in the area.

While addressing a local forum in the area, Mpeketoni Resident Magistrate Eugene Pascal Nabwana, said the issue need concerted efforts to be quelled.

He said sexual violence against anyone is a criminal offense and such cases should be immediately reported.

Mr Nabwana said if community stands up in fighting sexual abuse against children, such behavior will be curtailed.

“In fact this issue becomes more disturbing when the perpetrators are close family members, relatives or even religious leaders,” Noted Honourable Nabwana.

The Mpeketoni based Judicial Officer, warned parents against solving such cases at home or in any family setup.

“Some of the families when caught in such trap they decide to solve the matter at home, where do they leave the victim on this matter? Only subjecting them to psychological suffering in their life time?” He told the locals.

The Magistrate reiterated that all cases revolving around sexual violence against children should be immediately reported so that the perpetrators can be punished according to the law.

“After recording an increase in sexual abuse cases against children, Mpeketoni law court took steps and teamed up with other stakeholders in directly engaging the community on the matter,” Mr Nabwana revealed.

Though he said that the community especially in the rural areas of Majembeni, Witu, Kipini among others are well informed about all aspects revolving around sexual violence against children and their responsibility, the battle should not be stopped neither should it be slowed down.

[Mpeketoni Resident Magistrate Mr Eugene Pascal Nabwana engaging the community on children’s rights. Photo/Ahmed Omar.]

He urged the community to stand up and fight for children’s rights, work closely with the Judiciary to ensure perpetrators are nabbed and punished and stop solving defilement cases at home.

Nabwana however, exuded hopes that the current ongoing efforts to protect the children against sexual abuse in Mpeketoni is yielding positive results.

“As Mpeketoni community, we have no option but to ensure we stand up for our childrens’ safety and discard the inhumane behaviours within our society,” Added Mr Nabwana.