Home News Msambweni quarry shut after three buried alive

Msambweni quarry shut after three buried alive

[Rescue mission at a past quarry accident. Photo/courtesy].

The National Environment Management Authority- NEMA has shut down Msambweni quarry after three deaths were reported in less than three months in the area.

Officials from the Environment ministry led by Fredrick Wafula and Kwale County NEMA Director Geoffrey Wafula who visited the site on Wednesday afternoon ordered an immediate shut of the quarry located at Maweni area.

Mr. Fredrick said the quarry will remain closed until the Ministry is assured of workers’ safety before it becomes operational.

He has ordered Msambweni OCPD Nehemiah Bitok to arrest anyone found working in the quarry.


On Tuesday, two people were buried alive while working at the quarry.

The incident happened barely three months after a woman was also buried alive crushing stones at the same quarry.

The two bodies have been retrieved from the rubbles.

However, locals have objected to the closure of the quarry saying it is their only source of livelihood.

They asked the government officials to allow them remove their gravels from the quarry before it is shut down.