Home News Mudavadi wants 3 arrested Senators unconditionally released

Mudavadi wants 3 arrested Senators unconditionally released

[Kakamega Senator during the arrest. Photo/courtesy]

ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi has urged the government to stop violating the independence of the Parliament and unconditionally release three senator arrested under unclear circumstances.

Mudavadi said Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala, his Samburu counterpart Steve Lelegwe and Bomet Senator Christopher Langat should be immediately released and the government clearly state the reasons behind their detention.

“The Jubilee government is violating the independence and integrity of Parliament. Parliament is under attack by the Executive in Kenya,” said Musalia.


Musalia expressed his dissatisfaction in the manner in which Jubilee government is oppressing Kenyans saviours.

“Arrest of Senators ostensibly to prevent them from attending to their duty in Parliament to vote for or against motions on County revenue sharing, is very unfortunate. It’s a throwback to dark days we thought are behind us,” reiterated Musalia.


The ANC party Leader said Senators are delegates of the people and the sovereign power of the people is exercised through the Senators as set out under Article One of the Constitution.

[ANC Party Leader Musalia Mudavadi. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

“Arresting Senators to stop them from a vote in the senate is equal to arresting article One, arresting the sovereign, and the ultimate foundation of our Constitution,” he said.

Musalia accused Jubilee government for misusing law and order agencies by politicising the police.

Musalia said decision-making in Parliament is achieved through persuasion and deliberations and not brute force, intimidation, threats and arrest.

He said government can have its way but not through draconian means.

Unending political battle

On Monday the senators stood united and voted for the adjournment over the arrests of three senators.

The three are Senator Cleophas Malala (Kakamega), Steve Lelegwe (Samburu) and Christopher Langat (Bomet).

The senate adjourned for the 10th time on the revenue allocation formula debate.

The Leader of Majority Samuel Poghisio however urged senators to be sincere over the matter.

“Some of us just want to do politics. I would be concerned about members arrested but i think that the opportunity given to speak will be better used if we don’t call the government all sorts of names,” he said.