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MUHURI dissatisfied with the construction of Coast ATPU Centre

[From Left, DCI George Kinoti, US Envoy Nic Hailey and DPP Noordin Hajj during the launch of the first Coastal ATPU centre in Mombasa. Photo/Courtesy/DCI].

Muslims for Human rights- MUHURI has expressed dissatisfaction over the construction of an Anti-Terror Police Unit-ATPU Centre at the Coast.

MUHURI Chairperson Khelef Khalifa said the centre will not be effective since the terror attacks are planned outside and executed in the country.

He said building an ATPU centre in Mombasa is going to neither solve problems of terrorism nor offer any solutions considering all major terrorist attacks in the country are planned outside the country.

“As long as our KDF soldiers remain in Somalia, we’re not safe,” said Mr.Khalifa.

He said The UK Government has always funded the ATPU but has never raised any concerns when ATPU is accused of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances.

Khalifa said there must be some parameters to safeguard the rule of law and obedience to the constitution.

“I hope the new centre will embark on investigations to establish hundreds of victims perpetrated by the ATPU.” added Mr. Khalifa.

He said the ATPU has for years been linked to extrajudicial killing in the region but it has denied involvement in such inhuman acts.

During the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the ATPU centre at the Coast Provincial headquarters in Mombasa Thursday, Director of Criminal Investigations-DCI George Kinoti said the centre will tame the rising terror activities in the region.

He said that the construction of the centre was timely as it will pursue and thwart planned terror attacks and all the links at the Coast region.

“The construction of this centre at the Coast comes at a key timely moment when the world is witnessing numerous scuttles of terror attacks,” noted Mr. Kinoti.

The ceremony was witnessed by US Envoy Nic Hailey and the Director of Public Prosecution-DPP Noordin Hajj.

The two supported the move saying that terrorism was a global security threat and should be tackled by use of all the relevant avenues to tame it.