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MUHURI files complaint to IPOA over Makupa OCS laxity

[MUHURI's Chair Khelef Khalifa (R) with Saida's mother Khadija BwanaOmar (L). Photo/ Kenga Cyrus]

Muslims for Human Rights-MUHURI has filed a complaint to the Independent Police Oversight Authority-IPOA over Makupa OCS laxity.

In the official complaint signed by MUHURI’S Chair Khelef Khalifa, the human rights lobby criticized Makupa Officer Commanding Station-OCS Christopher Kenga for sluggishly handling last week’s abduction of Saida Abulrahman in Mombasa.

Mr. Khalifa alleges that Mr. Kenga told the human rights lobby that he did not have the required equipment to track the missing person and that he could not immediately act on the matter.

Khalifa further revealed that the OCS told MUHURI’s Rapid Response team led by Francis Auma he needed more time to establish whether the incident reported was true or just a fabricated story.

Mr. Khalifa said that such pathetic response was against the law and the constitution adding that police should immediately act on any security concerns.

Saida, 20 who was abducted while heading to Buxton stage in Mombasa was to travel to Malindi and later take a flight to Lamu.

MUHURI, a human rights lobby said that it acted upon receiving distress calls from Saida’s family which desperately tried to trace their kin.

“As an organisation we work closely with security agents so as to avert such incidences in the wake of increased abductions and forced disappearances in Mombasa, we are shocked in the laid-back manner in which Mr. Kenga handled us,” retorted Mr. Khalifa.

He said that if such situations are not contained, lives will be lost incase such incidences reoccurs in future.

“The nonchalant approach from a high commanding security office is what dazed us, we have presented our complaint to IPOA to conduct its investigations and if found culpable then he should be reprimanded,” added Mr. Khalifa.

He however applauded the efforts from Mombasa DCIO Jacob Kanake for moving with speed in securing the release of Saida.

The complaint is copied to Mombasa County Police commandant Johnston Ipara.