Home News Mulims mark Eid-ul-fitri despite Chief Kadhi’s order

Mulims mark Eid-ul-fitri despite Chief Kadhi’s order

[Ibrahim mosque Preacher Sheikh Abu Qattada. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

Mulism at the Coast marked the end of Holy month of Ramadan amid controversy over moon sighting.

On Monday, Chief Kadh Sheikh Shariff Ahmed Muhdhar urged Muslims to continue fasting throughout Tuesday until an official announcement on sighting of the moon is given.

However, on Tuesday, Muslims at the Coast converged in different mosques and grounds to marking the Eid-ul-fitri prayer.

In Mombasa, Sheikh Yassir Abdulkadir Shaib led hundreds of Muslim faithfuls to mark the special prayer at Tononoka grounds despite the Chief Kadhi’s order.

Moon was sighted

Sheikh Shaib noted that the moon was sighted on Monday in various parts of the country among them Kwale, Isiolo, in Uganda and Saudi Arabia that why they converged to mark the special prayers.

Sheikh Shaib urged Muslims to extend the brotherhood, peace and coexistence within the community.

He said end of Ramadan should not be assign of doing evil deeds but instead get closer to God.

“We should share our joy and celebrations with the needy in the community and continue observing the holy teachings of Quran,” noted Sheikh Shaib.

Muslims not against Chief Kadh

On his part, Ibrahim mosque preacher Sheikh Abu Qattada said they respected Chief Kadh’s verdict over sighting of the moon, however they marked the prayer on Tuesday because they received various reports of sighting the moon.

Sheikh Qattada said none of those who marked the prayer on Tuesday and those who will observe Eid-ul-fitri prayer on Wednesday is against the teachings of the holy Q’uran teachings.

[Muslims mark Eid-ul-fitri prayers at Tononoka grounds in Mombasa. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

“Allah (God) urged as to fast when we sight the moon and break the fast by marking Edi-ul-fitri prayers when we sight the moon, we are exactly doing that,” disclosed Sheikh Qattada.

He said Muslims across the world marked Eid-ul-fitri prayers in unison and nothing there is totally nothing controversial about it.

He urged the faithfuls to carry on with the celebrations by helping the needy in the society.

Chief Kadh special announcement on moon sighting

Chief Kadh Sheikh Shariff Ahmed Muhdhar is expected to announce about sighting of the moon on Tuesday evening.

Some of the Muslims who observed Tuesday as fasting day will on Wednesday converge at the Ronald Ngala Primary school in Tudor to mark Eid-ul-fitri on Tuesday depending on Chief Kadh’s special moon sighting announcement.