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Muslim fraternity mourn renowned scholar Sheikh Badawy

[The late Sheikh Sayyid Hussein Badawy. Photo/courtesy].


The Muslim faithful across the East Africa region is mourning a renowned Muslim scholar Sheikh Sayyid Hussein Badawy.

The Muslim cleric and scholar died on Wednesday morning at his Mambrui home in Malindi, Kilifi County.

He is brother to Shariff Khitammy, Sayyid Alii Badawy, Sayyid Hassan, Shariff Dini among other many relatives.

Sheikh Badawy traversed the East African region with an aim of preaching the Islam.

He started many Madrassas in the region and which remain operational to date.

He is well known in Uganda, Tanzania and back in his home country, Kenya.

He is also known for his creativity and he is behind the famous Qasida, Haya Tumsifu Nabia (Let’s praise the Prophet) Mzuri sana Nabia (The Prophet is good) among many others.

His body will be transported to Lamu Island on Thursday morning where special prayers will take place at Riadhwa mosque and will later be buried in a family cemetery within Lamu Island.