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Muslims mark Eid-ul-fitri prayer on different days

[Chief Kadh Sheikh Sharif Ahmed Muhdhar. Photo/courtesy/Radio Rahma].

Chief Kadh Sheikh Sharif Ahmed Muhdhar announced Sunday as the official day for Muslims across the country to mark Eid-ul-fitri prayers.

Sheikh Muhdhar made the announcement on Saturday evening that the moon was sighted in various parts of the country thus marking the end of Holy month of Ramadan.

He said the moon was sighted in Lamu and he was informed by Muslim clerics from Lamu county.

He however cautioned Muslims against converging in places of worship as has been the norm to mark the Eid-ul-fitri prayers.

Sheikh Muhdhar however did not engage in the controversies surrounding the sighting of the moon.

“Let’s all silently celebrate Eid-ul-fitri as you all understand the Covid-19 challenges we are currently facing,” noted Sheikh Muhdhar.

However, on Saturday a section of Muslims across the country marked Eid-ul-fitri prayer.