Home News Mutindika breathes fire over killing of elderly in Kilifi

Mutindika breathes fire over killing of elderly in Kilifi

[Kilifi County Commissioner Magu Njuki Mutindika addressing locals at Karisa Maitha grounds in Kilifi town. Photo/Maxwell Ngala]

Kilifi County Commissioner Magu Mutindika has warned locals in Kilifi to immediately cease executing elders in the County.

Mutindika said he was going to push the youth involved in search inhumane acts to the wall until they reveal their motive behind the killings.

Mutindika said that there were no any tangible reasons and that he was going to deal with the youth only the way he can to ensure that they are trimmed to size.

Mutindika who was addressing locals at the Karisa Maitha grounds in Kilifi town during the commemoration of International Day of Peace on Friday said that Kilifi County was leading in the killings where at least 5 elders are executed in cold blood daily for allegations that they are practicing witchcraft.

He said that he was disappointed in the manner in which locals in the County were taking the grave issue very lightly.

“Without taking tough measures this will persist, I want to assure you even the wives or close family members of the elders who will be executed will be arrested and face murder charges, we are not relenting on this,” added the Administrator.

Mutindika also sent a strong warning to Kilifi County Chiefs saying they too will be punished for failing to tame or prevent such gruel acts.

“To all Chiefs within Kilifi County, you will also be punished and sent parking if you will not prevent killings of innocent people or assist security agents in netting those involved,” noted Mr. Mutindika.

He singled out Kenya Community Support Centre- KECOSCE as an aggressive lobby that has been propagating for peace, security and cohesion in the County and assured KECOSCE’s Executive Director Phyllis Muema of his fully support in curbing the killings of elders in Kilifi County and enhance peace campaign as well.

On Her part, Muema said that the killings were propagated by youth who were fighting to own ancestral parcels of land and was not in any way linked to witchcraft allegations.

Ms Muema called for an urgent security dialogue between security agents and the community in the County so as to quell the killings of innocent elders in the County.

“The problem is getting out of hand we must immediately act to end these gruesome, inhumane acts in Kilifi County,” said Muema.