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Nassir’s Mvita Covid-19 headache


Mvita Member of Parliament Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir is facing challenging times over the soaring soaring Coronavirus figures in his constituency.

Though the pandemic has affected the whole country and Mombasa featuring well in the national figures, Nassir’s is a worried Man over the daily increasing Coronavirus numbers specifically in his constituency.

Mombasa has been recording high figures in daily government updates with Mvita being a hot spot of the disease.

Mitigation measures

It is from such figures that the MP has launched various programs to mitigate the health threat among locals within the constituency.

He has ventured on distribution of face masks, conducting awareness campaign to locals to observe all the health and safety measures provided by the government, and practice high hygiene standards.

Nassir admits that Mvita remains a metropolitan area thus posing a challenge in fighting the virus.

“We should not ignore the situation at hand, we have to strongly work in unison so that we overcome this pandemic,” he said.

He is currently overseeing a mass testing exercise in his constituency urging locals to voluntarily get tested and access proper medical treatment in the available modern isolation centres.

“You will not be subjected to right violation and discrimination, but given the required health care and get healed,” noted Mr. Nassir.

He has urged locals to cooperate with health officials in a bid to tame the spread of the disease.