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No hawking of SIM cards -CA orders

[Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) Director General Ezra Chiloba. Photo/Courtesy/April,10, 2022].

The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) has issued fresh guidelines on the controversial SIM card registration issue.

On Sunday, CA Director General Ezra Chiloba clarified that the authority is not in fresh bid to register SIM cards but it is working with operators in the country to validate the subscribers data.

Addressing journalists in Nairobi, Chiloba noted that the Authority conducted survey in 22 counties countrywide in 2021 and found out that SIM cards were being recklessly sold without any registration processes being followed.

“The hawkers are out to make money and do not consider the safety of those purchasing the SIM cards,” reiterated Mr Chiloba.

He said some customers were being told to register the SIM cards later and which were issued for free.

“SIM cards should only be sold by the operators or by appointment agents and not being hawked recklessly on the streets,” he said.

The DG further assured Kenyans that photos are not required in the validation process.

“The operators should provide a USSD code to enable subscribers validate their details by April 15, and this is for those who did not register their SIM cards earlier, not all Kenyans,” said Mr Chiloba.

He noted that the operators should provide a platform for self validation with standard menus and USSD codes for verification.

Currently Kenyans can use *106# to check their SIM cards registration details.

Chiloba further revealed that it is not necessary for subscribers to physically visit the operators offices unless they need to do so.

“The Ksh 300,000 fine is meant for parents who will fail to register SIM cards they purchase for there children and not for all Kenyan,” Mr Chiloba further revealed.

He urged Kenyans to embrace the CA’s efforts since they are meant to safeguard them against SIM boxing, financial fraud, kidnapping, terrorism and other related crimes.

Chiloba’s appeal come after he was roasted by Kenyans over the SIM card registration issue, with many Kenyans daring him to switch them off by April, 15 as the earlier warning stipulated.