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No Newspapers for Migori residents

[Slain Rongo University student Sharon Otieno. Photo/Courtesy]

For the last three days, Migori County residents have not had a grasp of the news in the local dailies.

It is said that three people have been buying all the dailies distributed in the county at 6 am living the newspaper vendors out of stock immediately they receive their daily bunches.

It is not clear who was behind the scheme but sources have linked the plan to the second year Rongo University medical student Sharon Otieno’s brutal murder.

In all the streets of Rongo, Awendo, Isebania and Kehancha no local dailies were available at ay newspaper stand, a clear scheme to deny locals information about the unfortunate unfolding of Sharon’s death.

The scheme has caused more panic as investigations into the death of Sharon Otieno thickens.

On Saturday, university students in Nairobi threatened to paralyse all the activities in Nairobi on Monday if no information from the security agents about Sharon killers.

The students threats comes even as detectives are expected to present Migori County Governor’s PA Michael Oyamo before court after he was linked to the death of a pregnant Sharon.

Oyamo has been for the last four days under police detention.

Meanwhile the governor’s office has defended Obado against the murder of Sharon.