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Nurture your children’s talents parents urged

Pwani Youth Network Executive director Alfred Sigo (C ) with his colleagues at a past event. Photo/ Davis Mbunga]

Parents should take the lead role in nurturing their children’s talents.

Parents have been further tasked to create space and support their children whenever they depict interest in developing their talents so that they earn from them in future.

Pwani Youth Network, a youth talents and skill development lobby based in Mombasa said that some parents have been only pushing their children to excel in examinations ignoring the important component of talents development.

Pwani Youth Network Executive director Alfred Sigo revealed that without early detection of such talents and parents support and guidance, youth not only in Mombasa but the entire Coast region will continue to live in despair searching for employment.

He said that PYN is conducting youth forums to enable youth share their concerns and that they can be directed to relevant authorities for implementation.

He said with the current economic challenges, youth should be assisted to properly use their talents so that they can embrace self reliance.

“We have dedicated institutions which have recognised the importance of nurturing youth talents, Swahilipot-Hub is a unique centre that should be supported so that it can reach many youths,” he noted.

Swahilipot hub is an arts and technology centre that was constituted by a renowned engineer and youth mentor Mahmoud Noor and has attracted both national and international partners.

“Parents should tirelessly help their children develop what God has given them, some are good music composers, singers, actors and actresses, dancers and some talented in sports, please give them space to nurture their blessings,” added Mr. Sigo.

He appealed to the county leadership to support the youth organisation so that it can also reach many youth in guiding them to the right path.

He appealed to the youth to focus on their future and dissuade from drug use, irresponsible sexual behaviours and joining criminal gangs.