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Nyali MP accuses county administration for being politically misused

[Nyali MP Mohammed Ali after his meeting was dispersed by police. Photo/courtesy].

Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali has reiterated that the Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata is being used by politicians to block him from implementing various development projects within his Constituency.

Ali singled out the recent incident where police blocked him from meeting 12 secondary school heads within his Constituency with an aim of handing them Ksh 35 million worth of bursary funds.

According to Ali, his Likoni counterpart Mishi Mboko was allowed to hold such a function and was provided with adequate security during the function.

According to Ali, the social hall in which Mboko handed bursary cheques was fully capacity.

Mr. Ali termed it as double standard when it comes to handling matters related to containing the spread of Covid-19 Virus.


“Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata is playing politics, he is biased and he is trying to hinder developments in Nyali constituency. Its either he joins politics or serve all of us equally. We shall overcome,” said Mr. Ali.

He however, said that he will not relent in accomplishing his development mission within Nyali constituency.

“I was elected to serve the community and that is exactly what am currently doing, by hindering me execute my duties properly you are actually depriving the local community of development and services,” he responded.

Barely a week ago, police disrupted Ali’s meeting where he was handing over bursary cheques worth 35 million shillings to secondary school heads within his constituency.

He said he only invited 12 of them and in full adherence to Covid-19 protocols, but police chased them away.

The lawmaker accused Mr. Elungata for being used by a section of Mombasa politicians to frustrate him in serving locals.

[Likoni parents converged during issuance of bursary cheques by Likoni MP Mishi Mboko. Photo/courtesy].

Recently, Ali was obstructed by Mombasa county government from constructing Frere Town primary school perimeter wall.

“Frere Town Primary School Headteacher wrote to us 3 times since 2018 requesting us to build a perimeter wall and renovate the school playing ground because of the drug addicts surrounding their compound. We did respond but our constructor was chased away by the County inspectorate with the help of Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata. Seems like drug business is more important than the safety of our school going children,” said the Legislature.