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Nyali MP strategises on empowering youth

[Nyali MP Mohammed Ali. Photo/courtesy].

Nyali Legislature Mohammed Ali has promised to work closely with the youth so that they attain their goals in life.

Ali said the youth are very critical in any of his development agenda and he can’t leave them out.

He said among the programs he is directly involving the youth are pegged on education, empowerment and skills development.

Speaking in his constituency, Ali is in admittance that unemployment is a major obstacle in youth progress and that he is working round the clock to empower them.

He also said drugs and other social vices have proved to be the most retrogressive aspect in youth development and success.

“We are all in the youthful generation and we should uplift each other for us to move forward,” he said.

Reaping big

The Lawmaker said many youth have benefitted from driving skills and medium entrepreneurship training and that a considerate number has become self-reliance.

“If we empower each other and set our own standards, none will be used and misused politically come the 2022 general polls,” noted Mr. Ali.

He appealed to the youth to work together so that they achieve their goals in life.


Meanwhile, youth activist and University student leader Junaid Feisal said most of students in higher learning institutions are facing various challenges among them securing internships in public bodies.

[Students leader and youth activist Junaid Feisal. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

He said the challenge has forced many to take longer in accomplishing their university education.

“We send an appeal to Mr. Ali not only to assist us in securing these internships but also to enable us earn a living thereafter,” said Mr. Feisal.