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Nyali youth protest triggers administrative action


The recent protest by Kadzandani youth in Nyali constituency over discrimination in employment opportunities has forced the county administration to act on the matter.

The youth protested sidelining in Government employment opportunities targeting the youth.

According to Coast regional commissioner John Elungata the youth cry is genuine and the administration held a meeting with the youth leaders to streamline the situation.

Elungata said the youth will get local administration Officer to enable them access all national government services without much complications.

The youth have been complaining of being sidelined due to lack of A chief, assistant Chief and Ward administrator.

Kadzandani Creative Youth Organisation Executive Director Omar Chai said since the Ward lacks local administrative officers, most of the opportunities also do not reach them.

“We depend on local administration officers from other areas who are discriminating us,” noted Mr. Chai

He called for quick interventions to ensure the governance gap is quickly filled.

“We have been missing on various national government opportunities among the Community health workers recruitment and the ongoing ‘Kazi mtaani’ initiative,” he noted.

He said failure for the county administration to heed their cry the youth will enhance their protests until all their demands are met.

[Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata. Photo/Ahmed Omar].
However, Elungata said he has heard the youth concerns and already plans are underway to solve the administrative issue.

“Their concern is very genuine and we do not blame them, they will soon get their administrative officers,” the Coast RC assured them.

The youth led by youth activist Omar Chai protested discrimination in government employment opportunities.