Home News Officers flee Mombasa’s Central Police station after sewerage burst

Officers flee Mombasa’s Central Police station after sewerage burst

[The waste flooded Mombasa's Central Police station. Photo/Courtesy].

Mombasa’s oldest police station, Mombasa Central Police station was on Friday painted with human faeces forcing police officers to vacate the newly constructed police station.

The sewerage system burst yielded a stinking environment that the police officers could not take it anymore.

The human faeces quickly spread to various officers including the main reception of the station, offices where locals visit to report various incidents  including crime, areas surrounding police cells where suspects are being detained waiting to be arraigned in court, the boardroom, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) offices among others.

The situation is said to have been caused by a blockage of the main sewerage line in Old town area within the beautiful tourist destination city of Mombasa.

“The environment is inhabitable for all of us, the smell and the entire surrounding is dangerous to all of us including the residents who flock the station for assistance,” said one of the police officers at the station.

The officers appealed to the Mombasa infrastructure department to intervene and tackle the situation since it has hampered various critical services at the main police station.

Activities grounded

“Locals are now suffering too and they fear visiting the station to report any incidents of their concerns all these because of the ugly situation at hand,” another senior police officer reiterated.

The officers now want the situation to be rectified by the concerned authorities.

Loud cry

This occurred just few hours after the Kenya Muslims National Advisory Council (KEMNAC), raised its concerns over the sewerage burst in Mombasa.

KEMNAC Chairperson Sheikh Juma Ngao said Mombasa is experiencing a very disturbing and ugly situation where all corners are experiencing sewerage bursts, with the county government doing less.

“You want to get into a restaurant and have some food, however the eateries within Mombasa Island are surrounded by awful smell and sewerage burst, this need to be immediately rectified,” said

Last week an anti-drug lobby Reachout Centre Trust (RCT) based in Old town, Mombasa was forced to vacate its offices too after a sewerage burst in the area.

The offices were later completely moved to a separate building as the environment was unbearable for both staff and the recovering drug users visiting the offices for harm reduction services.

[A man walks outside the RCT offices which were vacated following a sewerage burst. Photo/Ahmed Omar].

RCT Executive Director Taib Abdulrahman said the environment was worse, challenging the county government to work on rehabilitating the sewerage systems within Mombasa Island.

The same situation is being experienced along the Nyerere Avenue that connects Mombasa Fontanella round about to Likoni where a sewage is overflowing past the high class restaurant Qaffee Point in Mombasa.